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Quiring FatBikes: Extreme go-anywhere bikes!

Why FatBike?

This is a bike that can ride through extremely soft dirt and snow found on Terra Firma!

Scott caught the FatBike bug when a long-time customer finally convinced him to build one in 2010. He would have to build and ride one for himself to test, he thought, so this has opened up a whole new area for Quiring to bike and explore. Trails once thought too sandy or extreme to ride are now a fun challenge! This also includes heavy snow conditions of the Great Lakes State. Quiring Fatbikes are now in their fourth generation of design refinements.

Catch the FatBike Bug!

FatBikes are a recent addition to the Quiring Cycles offerings. However, in a short period of time Scott Quiring has produced custom FatBikes in aluminum, steel and titanium, and he is also offering FatBike forks in steel.

Unique Quiring FatBike Features

Quiring FatBikes are built around a larger rear hub and wider cranks. This is a very sensible design attribute to a FatBike since it makes clearing either a 4 inch to 4.8 inch tire easier. Also, this allows for building a symmetrical frame, which rides much better than an asymmetrical frame.

One distinct design feature of a Quiring FatBike is the use of the boxed yoke, which joins the BB shell to the chainstays. This increases stiffness and offers a great area to weld to. Currently Quiring is addressing all contemporary design standards by making frames based around 170/177mm or 190/197mm hubs and 65mm, 83mm or 100 mm rim options, respectively. Quiring bikes can be made to fit the widest tires if this is what you are looking for. A popular option is to have a Quiring fatbike built so it can fit 29'er+ tires for riding in the summer.

Framebuilding process

Each FatBike is hand built one at a time for a personal fit and component selection. New for 2014, please check out our fatbike tandem on our web-site's Tandem Page

Our exciting new for 2017 that we would like to share is that we are also offering a performance fatbike frame made from 7000 Series Aluminum Alloy which is roughly 1350 grams in a medium sized frame. It features short 17.5" chainstays, 1x drivetrain, 44 mm headtube, fits 4.8 inch tires on 80 mm rims, and uses a 120 mm T47 Bottom Bracket Shell and 197 mm thru axle dropouts. Please see our Aluminum Alloy page for more information and pictures.[/tab]