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Quiring Titanium Frames: 
The Realization of Titanium Frames in all Shapes, Styles and Sizes….


Why Titanium?

Almost a decade ago, Scott Quiring decided to use titanium in his framebuilding when he realized that there were very few titanium 29’ers on the market. At the time, the bike industry as a whole had not accepted the 29’er as a legitimate wheel size, and there were literally almost zero framebuilders making a 29’er out of titanium!

Since then, Quiring has successfully built hundreds of titanium frames of all types.

Known for lighter weight, extreme corrosion resistance (it does not rust and does not need paint), durable dent resistance, and suitable ride quality similar to that of the greatest steel frames, the ideological progression to building the best frame with this novel material seemed natural. If building the highest quality, highest performing frame was Quiring’s goal, then titanium was the solution!

Today, Quiring Titanium frames are some of the lightest, best riding, and most durable performance frames out there.

Unique Fabrication Process

Titanium is a tricky material to build with. As a result, embarking on this endeavor required significant investment over the years in equipment and the fabricating process.

First, titanium has a high degree of “memory”, which means it is hard to shape and form.  Furthermore, its grain structure makes it difficult to machine.

Titanium is also classed as a “reactive” metal. If not “shielded” properly in the welding stage, the joint can become “contaminated” and, as a result, the strength of the frame is reduced. The environment for welding titanium must be extremely clean and free of gases or contaminants such as CO2, O2, nitrogen, moisture and hydrocarbons, respectively. Furthermore, over the years Quiring has found a welding gas supplier who can provide him with argon that has the purity required for TIG welding titanium.

At Quiring Cycles, Scott’s shop is full of custom tooling and equipment used in the shaping of titanium and then to precision machine miter all of the tubes in order to create a unique and functional frame.

Extreme Quality Control

We use a commercial grade B338 aerospace 3/2.5 alloy seamless titanium. With great care, each Quiring frame starts by Scott inspecting the tubing to include, but not limited to, testing it for trueness and machine polishing each tube to find blemishes or inconsistencies which would be adverse to the final quality.

During the welding of a Quiring frame, a double-pass technique is used. This is accepted in the industry as the ultimate construction method for joining titanium. Furthermore, Quiring uses special purging devices, gas shielding welding lenses, and heat sinks, to help keep weld zones free of contamination that could compromise the joint strength of a frame. Many of these devices are proprietary and were developed in-house because most of the readily available commercial welding equipment on the market was not designed to deal with the nuances of joining titanium.

Evolution of Design

Over the years Quiring has made many improvements to his titanium frames. As the industry changes and riders become more demanding, Quiring is always refining his designs to meet these challenges. For example, Scott works to make his frames compatible with modern drivetrains, different components, and to beef up areas of the frames that need to be stronger.

Exceptional Results

Quiring firmly believes that experience and a long track record of working in titanium cannot be ignored. To this day, Quiring has built several hundred titanium frames that have taken the demanding rigors of off-road abuse and pavement use.

A quick glance at Quiring’s welds is an indication of the care required to make a quality frame. When the weld bead looks like a neat stack of dimes, then you know proper welding techniques of titanium has been performed.

Each Quiring frame receives the standard fine glass bead gunmetal finish with etched logos. This glass bead finish provides some extra surface hardness for scratch resistance. If you want the ultimate frame, please consider having Scott Quiring build you a titanium frame today![/tab]